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Pump only on the 3.0l

  • WHP Potential on E85: 512WHP (Dyno Proven)
  • WHP Potential on Gasoline: 675 WHP (theoretical based on fuel flow)


With Nostrum 11% injectors (see our budle or injector only products) 

  • WHP Potential on E85: 600 WHP (Dyno Proven)
  • WHP Potential on E60: 650 WHP (Dyno Proven)
  • WHP Potential on Gasoline: 830 WHP (theoretical based on fuel flow)



Tune requirement: Yes 

Recommended Tuning Suite: HP Tuners 

Flow Rate Increase Over Stock: 47% 

Max Operating Pressure: 240 bar / 24 MPa / 3480 psi


The more power you make the more fuel you demand, that’s why Nostrum High Performance offers top of the line high pressure fuel pumps with larger diameter piston to increase fuel capacity. Featuring stainless steel laser welded construction and being tested in both function and flow, there are no possible leak paths in Nostrum high pressure fuel pumps.

Each pump is CFD optimized, flex fuel compatible and capable of flowing over 350lph. Nostrum’s high pressure fuel pump kit features OEM fittings and provides all the necessary hardware, electrical connectors and accessories to simplify installation.

Application List:

2020+ Explorer (ST and Platinum trims)

2020+ Lincoln Aviator

2020+ Explorer and Aviator 3.0L Nostrum High Pressure Fuel Pump Kit

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