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Taking the first generation MPVI, to the next level, with our Pro Feature Set allowing you to log your vehicle without a laptop (vehicle dependent), Expandable Internal Memory to store your calibration and log files, Bluetooth® connectivity for your laptop or mobile device and proprietary Expander Hub ready for analog / digital / voltage sensor and device inputs.


Connect > Read > Edit > Write > Drive.


Equipped with enhanced features like Bluetooth®, HP Tuners' Proprietary Expansion Port, and Mobile Device Support, the powerful MPVI2 makes it faster and easier to read, edit, and write your vehicle’s software


Package the MPVI2 together with VCM Editor and VCM Scanner, which make up the essentials of VCM Suite, and you have one of the most powerful, scanning, diagnostic, logging and calibration products on the market. Not to mention full support for our latest rendition of Track Addict, whether you frequent the drag strip, circuit, autocross or off-road the MPVI2 has the fastest scanning, logging and data transmission rates to ensure you capture everything.


HP Tuners MPVI2 with Pro Feature Set

  • WARNING: This is a RACE ONLY product manufactured and sold for installation on vehicles to be used solely for competition purposes, which, once installed, may never be used, or registered or licensed for use upon a public road or highway. If you install this part on your vehicle and use that vehicle on a public road or highway, you will be considered in violation of the Clean Air Act and personally subject to a civil penalty of $4,454.

    Clean Air Act Title II Section 203 Code 7522(a)(3)

    (A) for any person to remove or render inoperative any device or element of design installed on or in a motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine in compliance with regulations under this subchapter prior to its sale and delivery to the ultimate purchaser, or for any person knowingly to remove or render inoperative any such device or element of design after such sale and delivery to the ultimate purchaser; or

    (B) for any person to manufacture or sell, or offer to sell, or install, any part or component intended for use with, or as part of, any motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine, where a principal effect of the part or component is to bypass, defeat, or render inoperative any device or element of design installed on or in a motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine in compliance with regulations under this subchapter, and where the person knows or should know that such part or component is being offered for sale or installed for such use or put to such use; or .

    Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all products sold by ZFG Racing LLC. are designated Race Only and are solely for competition/off road use limited to racing formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. Any other use, including recreational off- road use, may be in violation of local, state, and Federal laws. ZFG Racing LLC does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads; that is entirely the responsibility of the consumer.

    End User and its respective agents and Affiliates shall, comply at their own expense with all applicable local, national, regional and international laws, ordinances, regulations, codes, standards, directives and international conventions and agreements to the extent that any of the foregoing have the force of law by being directly enforceable by a governmental authority, a court or other proper tribunal.

    By purchasing and or use, the purchaser or end user (you) acknowledges the above warning.

    By purchasing and or use, the purchaser or end user (you) acknowledge that, there are potential risks and dangers that are involved with engine management tuning. Tuning is a test of the mechanical limits of your vehicle and can cause failure to components. It is strictly intended for off-road use and ZFG Racing, LLC can not be held responsible for emissions related issues caused by tuning. Any damage incurred before, during, or after the vehicle is being operated on, and tuned is in no way fault of ZFG Racing, LLC. Any damage to your vehicle is the responsibility of the vehicle(s) owner. Situations can arise during the tuning that is beyond the control of the tuner. You are aware of the potential risks involved with dyno or street testing / tuning and that you waive any and all claims against ZFG Racing,, LLC.


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