UPDATE 7/24/2021 WE ARE BACK! ZFG RACING is returning to the market! The introductions of tunes will be a phased approach as we complete more emissions testing and EO listings. We are currently taking customers from the waitlist with 2020+ Explorer and Aviator 3.0l vehicles as that testing has already been completed. We plan to be taking all 2.7/3.0l Ecoboosts in the next few months and 3.5l F150s by mid fall! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the waitlist! Please join the waitlist below to reserve your spot!

UPDATE 8/8/2021 The waitlist for the 3.0l Explorer and Lincoln has been completed! Tuning packages will be back in stock next week! Please join the waitlist for all other platforms. 

Tuning Waitlist

We will be back to tuning soon, join the waitlist! 

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