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Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake Snorkels

  • ​​​​​Maximum performance design, optimized convergent duct
  • Finished SMOOTH for MAXIMUM air velocity
  • All hardware included
  • OEM fitment
  • Two layer UV protective coating for sun protection against color fade
  • Made in the USA


How does it work?

As a car moves through the air, the air pressure directly in front of the bumper increases with the square of speed. The BIG MOUTH is strategically designed and positioned for maximum air pressure recovery. Basically, it feeds your current intake with higher pressure air. It is the same concept as driving below sea level where the air pressure is higher, except you are able to generate higher inlet pressures with a properly design ram duct such as the BIG MOUTH.



Data represented in inages was collected over months of testing. All tests were performed with isolation of the singular variable (with and without the ram air) and with utmost consistency of the test conditions. 

2020-2024 Explorer VelossaTech BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake Kit

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