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  • Fits 2020+ Ford Explorer ST*
  • Dyno-proven power gains of up to 65 HP and 12 lb.-ft of torque with tune
  • Reduces outlet temps by over 115°F compared to stock
  • Safe for use on stock tune for gains of 34 HP and 7 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Provides ample cooling to support larger turbos
  • 19-percent Less restrictive than stock intercooler with less than 1 psi pressure drop
  • 130-percent increase in core volume over stock for maximum flow and cooling
  • 168-percent increase in external fin surface area enables fast and efficient heat transfer
  • Durable bar-and-plate core for high-efficiency cooling and heat soak resistance
  • In-tank air diverters ensure even flow throughout the core for improved cooling
  • Cast and CNC-machined aluminum end tanks withstand high boost pressures
  • CNC-machined barbed inlet & outlet for secure coupler connections
  • Sleek silver powder coated finish resists corrosion
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Estimated Ship Date: August 2022
  • Note: Coupons and discounts do not apply to items in pre-sale



Gone are the days when you had to choose between hauling the family to the mall or having fun on the way. The 2020+ Ford Explorer ST is the ultimate vehicle for anybody who loves to go fast but needs space for 7 people, dogs, or a week's camping trip worth of gear. But what if 400 HP and 415 lb.-ft of torque isn't enough for you and your 7 dogs? That's where Mishimoto's performance front mount intercooler for the 2020+ Explorer ST comes in.

Our robust bar-and-plate intercooler boasts a massive 130% increase in core volume over the stock unit, with a 168% increase in fin surface area. Those increases result in better flow, better cooling, and, most importantly, more power. In dyno testing, our intercooler proved its worth by adding 34 HP 7 lb.-ft of torque at the wheels on the stock tune. But, where the Mishimoto intercooler really shines is when the turbos are pushed to their limits with a tune. With a stage one tune, our intercooler added a huge 65 HP and 12 lb.-ft of torque over the stock intercooler on the same tune. Even with the turbos spitting out superheated air at over 300°F, our intercooler kept outlet air within 10°F of ambient, versus over 200°F outlet temps with the stock intercooler. All of this is achieved while being 19% less restrictive than stock.

Performance is useless if you can only use it once. That's why our intercoolers also focus on reliability. This 2020+ Explorer ST intercooler utilizes a durable bar-and-plate core that's precision TIG-welded to the cast and CNC-machined aluminum end tanks. To ensure this intercooler stays firmly in place, we also include two adjustable lower support struts. To add an extra layer of corrosion resistance and tie it all together, we've finished our intercooler in a durable sleek silver powder coat. Like all Mishimoto Explorer ST products, this performance front mount intercooler is backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.



(1) Mishimoto Performance Front Mount Intercooler
(2) Adjustable Lower Support Struts
(2) Mounting Grommets
(1) CNC-Machined EVAP Fitting
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty



*Requires minor trimming of intercooler shrouding


$1,111.06 Regular Price
$999.95Sale Price
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