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*This service is only available to ZFG RACING LLC tuning customers. If you have not purchased a tune from us, we reserve the right to cancel your order.


Need to install your HP Tuners unlocked MG1 ECU but don’t have access to FDRS? This remote programing service is available to ZFG Racing Tuning customers,


How the process works

  • We will send you a flyway kit, which contains a computer and cable for programming.
  • Before you scheduled programming time you will install the new ecu and connect the computer.
  • We will log in and take it from there.

    Note: during this process you will need to communicate with us and turn the key on and off.

  • Once programed the vehicle will be brought up to temperature, and misfire relearn procedure complete.

    Note: this will require you rev the car up, so please make sure the car is positioned in a space that it can be done safely.

  • Once all these steps have been completed and a quick system check is completed. The normal tuning and data logging process can be completed.


Once all the steps have been completed, you will pack the kit back up attach the supplied shipping label and drop it off at any UPS drop off point!

FDRS Remote Programing Service

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