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With SPD Performance 170 degree performance thermostats, you get better engine cooling which allows you to increase and maintain more consistent horsepower. You'll also obtain more precise metering of water throughout your engine—as well as a long product life, since the thermostats are made from stainless steel.
All late model vehicles have water pumps designed for fuel efficiency and not water flow. This causes hot spots within the block. If the sensors see block temps over 300 degrees, the PCM will start pulling timing (reducing power) to cool the engine. Limp mode is the next step for the PCM, if the temps are not reduced. By introducing cooler water to the block, you allow the limited flow of coolant to absorb more heat before exiting the block.
More Boost + More Fuel = More Heat.
We highly recommend a cooler thermostat for custom tuned vehicles. Custom tunes increase boost and fuel which generates more heat that the block must dissipate.


Thermostat Temperature Selection Guide:

Please see climate map in product photos 

170 Degree Thermostat is recommended for Red - Orange

180 Degree Thermostat is recommended for Yellow – Blue


• Proper Bypass Control

• Ensures Maximum Cooling Efficiency
• Direct Replacement Installation
• Highly Recommended for Tuned Motors
• Protects Motor from Damaging Heat
• Cooler Temps for More Timing Advancement
• 100% made in USA

2017-2023 2.3L 3.0L 2.7L 3.5L 5.0L SPD 170* Performance Thermostat

  • TS17035R

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