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Key Features

  • Direct fit for 2019+ Ford Ranger/Direct fit for the Ford 10R60 and 10R80 transmissions
  • Durable cast-aluminum construction for long-lasting performance
  • Increases fluid capacity by 2 quarts over the stock transmission pan for more cooling capacity


Included with Purchase

(1) Cast Aluminum Transmission Pan
(1) Magnetic Drain Plug
(18) Silicone Bolt Retainers
(1) O-Ring Seal
(1) 1/8-in NPT Plug
(1) Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


Additional Information & Features

This Mishimoto Aluminum Transmission Pan is a direct-fit, high-performance upgrade for your Ford 10R60/10R80 transmission in your Bronco, Ranger, F-150, or Mustang. Cast from high-quality aluminum and powder coated Gunmetal Gray, our transmission pan is a robust and long-lasting upgrade for your vehicle's transmission. With a sleek design and bottom ribs, this pan not only adds to the overall aesthetic of your vehicle but also provides improved cooling performance.

This transmission pan features internal baffles that reduce sloshing and enhance heat dissipation, resulting in smoother transmission performance. All the headaches that come with a flat gasket and messy sealants are eliminated with our precision-machined dovetail-style groove and O-ring seal. This groove positively retains the O-ring, so you never have to worry about it falling out of place during installation. Additionally, the Mishimoto Ford 10R60/10R80 Aluminum Transmission Pan adds an extra 2 quarts of fluid capacity to help maintain optimal transmission operation.

Fed up with the frustration of trying to hold up a transmission pan with one hand while threading the fasteners in with the other? Mishimoto has you covered with pre-installed bolt retainers that hold the fasteners in the pan, allowing you to easily thread the bolts without dropping them on the ground, your head, or worse, that pan of nasty transmission fluid you just drained. Additionally, our pan comes equipped with a magnetic drain plug for easy draining and a 1/8-inch NPT port and plug for temperature sensors to make servicing your transmission and monitoring temperatures a breeze.

This direct-fit upgrade offers affordable durability and helps maintain smooth transmission operation, ensuring a long life for your transmission. Like all Mishimoto products, this transmission pan is backed by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

10R60 / 10R80 Mishimoto Aluminum Transmission Pan


    Drain Plug Torque Spec: 15 lb-ft
    This pan reuses the OEM hardware from your original pan. If your vehicle uses studs in certain locations, ensure they are reinstalled in the same place.

    APPLICATIONS 2019+ Ford Ranger
    2017+ Ford F-150
    2018+ Ford Mustang 10R80
    2021+ Ford Bronco 10R60
    FLUID CAPACITY (QTS) 2.08 (Pan)/ 7 (Total)
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