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Back in the game and better than ever our custom tuning is what you need to step up the performance of your 3.0l EcoBoost equipped vehicle. Whether your goal is all out race, or just a bump in power for daily driving, we have you covered! We offer tuning based on your fuel type and goal.


For the 3.0l EcoBoost we offer

  • Auto Octane- an adaptive tune that adjust the to octane level of the fuel being used.

Typical gains of up to 50 hp and 50 ft-lbs of torque when using 93 octane with this tune!


  • 91 and 93 Octane- Tunes specific to the rated octane level being used, while still maintaining the ability to turn down the power level if a lower octane level is use on accident.

Typical gains of up to 75 hp and 75 ft-lbs!


Need a tuning device?  The HP Tuners RTD (Remote Tune Device) Interface is the latest generation of hardware that provides end user a simple tuning experience. The RTD Flasher application (Windows 7 to 10) has the ability to Identify, Read and Write only, making for clean user experience. The RTD File Format is a HP Tuners’ calibration/tune file format which also does not support VCM Editor. The RTD does support VCM Scanner, allow end users all the normal VCM Scanner abilities like diagnostics, DTCs, logging and scanning.


Our tuning is compatible with the HP Tuners RTD and MPVI2 only! No other devices are supported, and we have no plans to increase the device offerings at this time. This including the nGauge and all SCT products.


Custom tuning files and services are non-refundable and non-transferable! You may not use your custom tuning file on any other vehicle or transfer our service, used or unused to any other customer.

2020-21 Ford Explorer 3.0l ZFG Racing Custom Tune