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2021-2023 GEN3 Ford 3.5L Raptor Alpha Catted Downpipes 


SPD Industry first Alpha Cats provide ultra high flow while meeting green emission standards. Factory GEN3 Raptor downpipes are very restrictive because Ford reduces the diameter of their primary cats from 5.5" to 5". This reduction in diameter ( -5 square inches of surface area) causes much higher back pressure and EGTs. With SPD Alpha ultra high flow cats and larger 3" diameter mandrel bent tubing, you will improve throttle response, mileage and overall performance while reducing turbo lag and exhaust temperatures.


SPD turbo flanges are CNC laser cut 1/2" 304ss flanges and we TIG & MIG weld the downpipes for strength and durability. We designed in a 4" flex pipe to absorb shock from engine movement and chassis flex. Our downpipes do not require custom tuning and can be used as a factory downpipe replacement. Our catalytic convertors are made in the USA and are designed to be used in racing applications.


SPD Alpha Cats

SPD Alpha Cats are next generation ultra high flow green emissions catalytic convertors and are truly an industry first. We needed a catalytic convertor that would have high flow and green emissions. Every catalytic convertor that we tested in the industry either had green emissions or high flow but not both. SPD Alpha Cat is a 625cell catalytic convertor and will out flow our previous 400cell performance cats by +90%. They are extra loaded with Rhodium, which is a platinum based alloy that is required in a catalytic convertor to reduce NOX in the exhaust to meet the new emission standards.


On all SPD Performance 304 stainless catted downpipes, you get:

  • Increase in performance
  • Improved turbo spool time
  • Better fuel mileage
  • Direct turbo bolt-on design
  • NO CEL - Ultra High Flow 625Cell catalytic converters that do not cause check engine lights
  • 304 Stainless Steel 3" mandrel bent tubing
  • High grade v-band clamp for a solid seal and no leaks

2021-2023 GEN3 Ford 3.5L Raptor SPD Alpha Catted Downpipes

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