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Introducing the Kelford KVS274-BT Valve Spring Set:

Upgrade your Ford 3.0 liter EcoBoost V6 engine with our high-performance Kelford KVS274-BT Valve Spring Set. Designed specifically for the 2017 and newer models, this kit features state-of-the-art components engineered to enhance your engine’s performance and reliability.

The KVS274-BT Valve Spring Set includes progressively wound PACALOY™ beehive valve springs and Titanium Retainers, ensuring superior durability and strength. With a focus on precision engineering, these valve springs provide optimal control over valve motion for improved engine performance.

The intake side has 110lb of seat pressure at 37.0mm installed height, increasing to 230lb at 12mm lift. Meanwhile, the exhaust side delivers 128lb of seat pressure at 36.0mm installed height, also rising to 230lb at 11mm lift. With coil bind at 24.0mm, you can trust in the reliability and stability of these valve springs under even the most demanding conditions.

Enhance the responsiveness and power of your Ford EcoBoost engine with the Kelford KVS274-BT Valve Spring Set. Upgrade to performance you can trust.

2.7l/3.0l Ecoboost Kelford Valve Spring Set

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