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Click Here for Installation Guide Whipple, known for its industry leading upgrade systems and technological innovations, has now brought the same technology to the 2019 and up for the 3.0L Explorer ST and Lincoln Aviator with the Whipple Mega Cooler Series intercoolers.The Whipple Mega Cooler offers an insane 214% greater volume and 259% more projeced frontal area for industry leading cooling. The bar and plate type intercooler features offset fin on both the cold and hot side, allowing for increased cooling capacity while fitting into the stock packaging, yet significantly out performing the stock cooler. Test show a 70 degree (F) drop in temperature just on the dyno, yet even bigger gains are shown during real world applications. The colder air allows increased spark advance and more O2 to the engine, resulting in more consistent power and quicker recovery while maintaining safety from engine robbing detonation.Installation Time: 3.5 hours


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